Introduction of
worm gear speed reducer
Service factor & Installation notice
Mesh data
  NMRV Performance
  NRV Performance

NMRV series
worm gear speed reducer
NMRV/NRV series
NMRV/NRV Mode l& marker
NMRV/NRV Pos.of output shaft &  torque arm
NMRV/NRV Chice of lubricant
NMRV Dimensions
NRV Dimensions & Low speed shafts
Cover & Torque arm
NMRV Inch series
PC-NMRV series
PC-NMRV Model & marker
PC-NMRV Combinations
PC-NMRV Dimensions
NMRV-NMRV series
NMRV-NMRV Model & marker
NMRV-NMRV Parameter table
NMRV-NMRV Dimensions
NRV-NMRV Dimensions
PAM series
Combination of basic model and worm-gear speed reducer

UDL Series planetary cone & disk step-less speed variator
UDL Model & marker
UDL Dimensions


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