NMRV-NMRV Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Established in 1985, Taizhou Jiaoxing Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer of worm gear box, Worm gearboxes, NMRV-NMRV Speed Reducer, NMRV-NMRV Worm gearbox, NMRV-NMRV Worm Gear Speed Reducers and speed variators. As a member of the National Speed Reducer and Variator Association, we have accumulated abundant design and manufacturing experience. Our Jiaoxing brand speed reducers and variators feature top quality designs and competitive prices. Our products: worm gear box, Worm gearboxes, NMRV-NMRV Speed Reducer, NMRV-NMRV Worm gearbox, NMRV-NMRV Worm Gear Speed Reducers, variable speed gear reducer, combination worm gear unit sell well, with a good reputation at home and abroad. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service. We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information and cooperate with us.
NMRV-NMRV Worm Gear Speed Reducers

NMRV-NMRV Worm Gear Speed Reducer

    PC+NMRV Dimensions

NMRV+NMRV Combined worm geared motor
NRV+NMRV Combined worm reduction unit
040/090 Center distance
500 Reduction ratio
VS Double input shaft F1(FA)
Output flange
AS Single output shaft AB
Double output shaft
PAM Fitted for motor coupling 71B5
Motor mounting facility
0.37kW Electric motor power AS1
Mounting position

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Introduction of
worm gear speed reducer
Service factor & Installation notice
Mesh data
  NMRV Performance
  NRV Performance

NMRV series
worm gear speed reducer
NMRV/NRV series
NMRV/NRV Mode l& marker
NMRV/NRV Pos.of output shaft &  torque arm
NMRV/NRV Chice of lubricant
NMRV Dimensions
NRV Dimensions & Low speed shafts
Cover & Torque arm
NMRV Inch series
PC-NMRV series
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NMRV-NMRV Dimensions
NRV-NMRV Dimensions
PAM series
Combination of basic model and worm-gear speed reducer

UDL Series planetary cone & disk step-less speed variator
UDL Model & marker
UDL Dimensions

JMRH Series Servo Worm Gear Units
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JWG/JWGH Series Helical
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JWG/JWGH Structure Decomposition Diagram
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JWG/JWGH Features
JWG/JWGH Series Dimensions Charts


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